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Welcome to the Contact,  E-Registration page.  Our contact information for Tuscan Epicure is below.  There is also information about our painting programs.  Below you will find a link to our Registration/Conditions Form.  This is the form that has all of our conditions and can be printed out and mailed for your registration.  If you know that you would like to join us on our next food tour, you do not have wait for the traditional postal system. Please read our Registration/Conditions Form first and then register now with our E-Registration.

Here is our PDF course brochure .

Here is our Registration/Conditions Form.
If you would like to register for a course NOW click Here to fill out our E-Registration form.  After we receive your E-Registration form and deposit Etruscan Places will make every effort to obtain the reservation that you've requested.
Payments can now be made through PayPal.  Payments should be made to m@landscapepainting.com.
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We can also process payments with American Express Cards.  Contact us with your information.



Maddine Insalaco / Joe Vinson
Etruscan Places
110 Suffolk St # 2A
 New York, NY 10002 USA 

USA: 212-780-3216 
*Italy Tel/Fax: 0577-806-351 
*Italy Cellular: 347-143-40-36 
email: info@tuscanepicure.com
*from US dial 011-39 first
*from Europe dial 00-39 first

Visit our painting program website at: